Paracord Wrist Strap Review

Battle of the Wrist Straps It seems that paracord is making a great move into camera straps of all kinds, so I decided to do a bit of research and order two different wrist straps that I have seen floating around social media and put them to the test.  The...

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Oregon’s Amazing Coast

What an EPIC experience this was, taking five amazing clients who have never meet face to face and sticking them in a condo for a week.  You might think that this is a recipe for disaster.. But you are wrong.  This is just how we do things here at Shutter Click...

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Finding Your Own Way

About 20 years ago I picked up my first camera.  An old Minolta XG-A (which I still have) my grandfather gave it to me and I started shooting black and white film.  I was in high school and we had a darkroom and I spent every minute I could find developing my shots....

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ThinkTank Urban Approach 15

I had emailed ThinkTank about the Mindshift bags and wanted to see really how they worked out for travel photography and workshops.  But when the box showed up I had a bag I had never seen.  It was small, black and said ThinkTank on it with a tag showing calling it an...

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Sigma Artist 10-20mm

When I first opened the box I was surprised by the weight of the lens.  It was heavier than I thought it would be, but I am happy about this because it felt very solid and well built.  I was a bit worried when I ordered it because I ordered Sigmas Artistic Lens not...

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Benro Travel Flat.. The Right Tripod

Having a good quality tripod that is light and strong is very important.  I currently own five tripods of various brands and materials.  But I have not found one until recently that I really enjoy.  What I look for in a tripod is that it is sturdy, light weight, can...

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Does The Zone System Work

About a year ago I dove into photography with a goal.  To learn as much as I can and build a business designed around selling photos.  Over the last year I have seen, heard and tried lots of different things to process my photos.  Some have been ok at best and lots of...

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Basic DSLR Photo Ebook

When taking any workshop it is important to know the basics of photography so that you can get the most out of any workshop.  By talking about the basics I am talking about ISO, shutter speed and aperture.  Understanding how all of these things work and effect your...

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